Connecting health resources for personalized health solutions

The aim of Health-RI is to accelerate the development of personalized medicine and health solutions by connecting research data infrastructures. Studying and integrating highly diverse collections of longitudinal biomedical data, generated at different hospitals and research centers in the Netherlands, are required to empower researchers in developing more effective personalized health solutions. These data collections are often fragmented and hard to find. Therefore, Health-RI wants to unlock and interconnect the different biomedical sources available.

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About Health-RI

Health-RI is an innovative and integrated research infrastructure initiated by BBMRI-NLELIXIR-NLEATRIS-NL, NFUDTL, Lygature, and Health~Holland. This research infrastructure is initiated to connect the existing biomedical research infrastructures in the Netherlands. The ultimate aim of Health-RI is to function as a one-stop-shop for researchers in the personalized health domain and beyond. Health-RI will interconnect biobanks, medical imaging and data collections allowing for mining and linking, and will provide access to facilities and IT solutions. Besides sharing and connecting resources, Health-RI will support research projects with tools as ethical and legal services, methodologies, data management training, protocols and best practices. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the infrastructure, all resources must be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). By creating the interconnected national Health-RI infrastructure, tools and resources will be at researchers’ fingertips to faster develop novel personalized medicine and health solutions. Visit the Health-RI website for more information about the project. 

Connecting health research infrastructures

Lygature is one of the founding partners of the Health-RI project. With its extensive experience in managing complex health infrastructure projects (such as TraIT, PSI and BBMRI-NL) and its excellent program management skills, Lygature is responsible for strategy, program management and communication.  

  • Strategy. Together with the other founding partners, Lygature initiated Health-RI to interconnect the different research infrastructures and boost innovation in the field of personalized medicine and health. Together with the other partners Lygature is responsible for the strategy of Health-RI.
  • Program management. Lygature handles strategic and day-to-day operations including administrative and financial roles. It is responsible for managing and monitoring the program on a day-to-day basis. This includes optimizing internal processes and looking for funding opportunities and collaborations.
  • Communication. Lygature is responsible for the communication strategy, stakeholder management and communication tools supporting the Health-RI strategy.

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Project updates

  • Treasuring hard won citizens' trust

    Panel discussion at this week’s Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) will formulate ideas and encapsulate opinion on the need for collective decision-making to engender trust and transparency in P4 Health research.

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  • Predictive medicine – mining the matrix of omics and the environment

    The upcoming Health-RI Conference session on the future of predictive P4 Medicine takes a look at the complex interactions that take place in the body in response to genomics, behavior and the environment....

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  • Ethical, legal and social implications of preventative medicine

    Preventative medicine is not without costs, and not just financial ones. Genetic testing, in particular, raises difficult questions. The upcoming Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) on P4 Medicine explores some of the issues...
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