Identifying the next generation of medicines for the eradication of malaria: transmission blocking and relapse prevention

The MMV-PDP consortium aims to develop novel treatments to prevent relapse and block the transmission of Malaria. It brings together experts from The Netherlands and Africa, with contributions from academia, knowledge institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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partners from Europe and Africa

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funding from The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


This drug discovery and development project ultimately seeks malaria medicines that target transmission and relapse – two areas of unmet medical need that are critical for the eradication agenda.

One subproject involves the so-called standard membrane feeding assay (SMFA), developed in Nijmegen, using high-throughput screening of the MMV screening deck to identify potential transmission blocking compounds. Substantial progress to date includes a class of very potent compounds (pantothenates), with the best leads being developed towards a clinical candidate.

The other subproject seeks new compounds to address infection relapse. Dormant parasites in some patients’ livers can cause new infections, sometimes years after initial infection and cure. A Dutch research group has established a unique in vitro and in vivo assay for testing compound activity against the hypnozoites, and even for exploring their relapse potential, using robust high-throughput screening.

MMV-PDP: Medicines for Malaria Venture - Product Development Partnership

Coordinating Dutch anti-Malaria efforts

Lygature is helping to drive project success, by managing a worldwide consortium of ten partners. From early 2016, a broad range of resources and support have been provided under the Lygature brand.

  • Program management and leadership. Lygature is responsible for management of the program office, where organizational aspects of the program as a whole are coordinated. In addition, Lygature coordinates consortium meetings and dissemination efforts, both within the project and to the outside world. Lygature also monitors all reporting processes between the project members and the Dutch government.
  • Program support. Lygature provides a custom-made IT platform for the safe exchange of data and other relevant information.   

With diverse contributions from its ten partners across the globe, the MMV-PDP consortium presents a very significant management and communication challenge. Lygature offers the broad range of skills and experience needed to facilitate progress, and plays a key role in the consortium’s efforts towards addressing two crucial unmet medical needs.

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Project updates

  • TropIQ Health Sciences wins Unilever Sustainable Innovation Prize

    Lygature congratulates TropIQ Health Sciences on the Unilever Sustainable Innovation Prize. TropIQ is the Dutch innovative start-up best contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals as put forward by the United Nations. 


  • World Malaria Day: Netherlands-based consortium teams up with MMV in world-leading malaria translational research program

    Leiden (The Netherlands) and Geneva (Switzerland). Dutch life science public-private partnership organisation Lygature and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) today announced the establishment of a Netherlands-based translational research consortium that will target the development of next-generation medicines to help eradicate malaria.

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