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Outsmarting cancer, impacting lives

Oncode Institute aims to outsmart cancer and impact lives. To achieve this, Oncode focuses on three pillars: excellent research, intensive collaboration and powerful valorization. The research strategy is focused on understanding the basic mechanisms of cancer to realize the ultimate goal: safer and more effective medical solutions as well as personalized precision diagnostics. Oncode brings together excellent cancer researchers in The Netherlands: 61 research groups from 12 different Dutch research institutes collaborate on 6 interdisciplinary research themes. To speed up the translation of scientific discoveries into clinical applications, Oncode has a dedicated team of specialists to support scientists in the valorization process.

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61 Principal Investigators

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funding for 5 years

About Oncode Institute

Over the past decades, the scientific and medical community has made tremendous progress in understanding and treating cancer. However, the disease still has a large burden on society as cancer has become the primary cause of death in The Netherlands. In an effort to address this unmet clinical need, Dutch cancer researchers have joined forces within Oncode Institute. To come up with new avenues for treatment and diagnosis, Oncode focuses on better understanding the fundamental mechanisms of cancer biology. With the ultimate goal to improve long-term survival and the quality of life of patients.Oncode serves as a platform for excellent cancer researchers in The Netherlands to collaborate, share knowledge, expertise and technology. As a virtual Institute it stimulates scientific freedom and offers dedicated support to optimize the translation of fundamental insights into clinical applications. Outsmarting cancer, impacting lives.  Visit the Oncode website for more information about the project.

Over 800+ Oncode researchers working under a single strategy that focuses on six different research themes:

  1. Development of novel technologies
  2. Understanding the critical drivers of tumour growth and the causes of resistance
  3. Analysis of network perturbations in tumours and tumour-host interactions
  4. Causes and consequences of genetic instability
  5. Identification of critical drug combinations and biomarkers for personalized cancer treatments
  6. Mobilising immune defence

Oncode invests heavily in the transfer of results from fundamental research into clinical applications. A team of dedicated specialists will help Oncode researchers with valorization of their findings. Furthermore, Oncode offers tailored training programs for affiliated researchers and actively invests in diversity through its Young Female Investigator program. 

Accelerating innovation by partnership management

Based on its broad experience with partnership management and communication, Lygature has become a partner of Oncode. Lygature supports Oncode Institute with the following services:

  • Program management
  • Communication & external affairs
  • Finance & IT-infrastructure
  • Patient engagement

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Project updates

  • Oncode Annual Report

    Oncode Institute Annual Report 2019

    The report showcases the highlights of Oncode in 2019. Outsmarting cancer is one of the most ambitious missions of our times - one that no single group can complete on its own. That’s why we have joined the forces of 61 research groups across the Netherlands. Our 800+ researchers have access to world class infrastructure, technologies, training, support teams and financial means to support high-risk research projects. Oncode’s scientific community is deliberately set up to promote interdisciplinary research, reduce barriers to collaboration, and foster a culture of openness and sharing. We invite you to read about how we did that last year and what we are planning for the future.

    Read the report here

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    Two Oncode Investigators awarded the highest distinction in Dutch Science

    Two Oncode Investigators will receive the highest awards in science. Professor Sjaak Neefjes (LUMC) will be awarded the Spinoza Prize and professor Ton Schumacher (NKI) will receive the Stevin Prize. Each laureate will receive 2.5 million euros, which they can spend on scientific research and activities related to knowledge utilisation.

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  • New facilities available for Oncode researchers

    We are pleased to announce that three facilities are now open to the whole Oncode research community. The goal of Oncode Institute is to translate the results of ground-breaking fundamental research into the clinic faster, in order to improve the chances of cancer patients. Instead of competition between scientists, Oncode encourages collaboration. Investing in facilities which can be used by all Oncode researchers, is one of the ways in which Oncode wants to contribute to breakthroughs in cancer research.

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