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Lygature is a not-for-profit foundation governed by a non-executive Board of Directors, which appoints the Leadership Team and installs a Scientific Advisory Board. In addition, an annual meeting for the stakeholders of Lygature takes place, the Partnerships MeetUp.

At Lygature, we disseminate our knowledge and think about how to further develop public-private partnerships in general, and in our areas of focus. A selection of publications can be found here.

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The Lygature Board of Directors consists of members from various ‘blood groups’ active in public private partnerships. Its current members are:

  • Joop F. Sistermans - Chairman (President/Governor of a number of companies, formerly EVP and Group Board Member of AkzoNobel, former Chairman of AWT)
  • Prof. Dr. Marian Joëls (Dean and Member, UMCG Board of Directors)
  • Dr. Hans van Eenennaam (CSO AIMM therapeutics)
  • Mr. Ida Haisma (Director Leiden BioScience Park)
  • Dr. Gerjan Kemperman (COO Ardena)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter R. Luijten (Professor of functional medical imaging)
  • Drs. Michel Rudolphie MBA (former President of the Dutch Cancer Society / KWF kankerbestrijding)

Scientific Advisory Board

The tasks of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

  • Advice on the coherence within Lygatures’ project portfolio on an annual basis. Provide feedback and identify chances for cross-fertilization between projects in the various domains. 
  • Provide input on the development of new public-private initiatives from an international perspective, building upon the strengths of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector and taking into account the possible connects with international initiatives, such as Horizon2020, the Innovative Medicines Initiative, etc.
  • On an ad hoc basis: review of project proposals that will be submitted by Lygature towards various funders of consortia (e.g. Gates Foundation, GHIT fund, etc). 

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board together span the dimensions in which Lygature is active: scientific discipline (medtech, pharma), geographic scope (national, international), organizational nature (public, private), etc. Current members of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

  • Daan Crommelin (chair), Emeritus-Professor Biopharmaceutics at Utrecht University
  • Rob Williams, PhD, Chief Drug Development Scientist at the Centre for Drug Development, Cancer Research UK
  • Matthias Gottwald, Head of R&D Policy and Networking at Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals Division
  • Laurent Degos, MD PhD, Professor Emerite of Hematology at University of Paris, Diderot Hopital Saint Louis, Paris, and past Vice President of the Pasteur Institute and Curie Institute
  • Sjaak Deckers, PhD, co-founder and CEO of G-Therapeutics BV
  • Tomas Salmonson PhD, partner at Consilium Salmonson & Hemmings, former chair of the Committee for Human Medicinal Products at the European Medicines Agency

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