Lygature: the secret ingredient for partnership success

At Lygature we believe in the best of all worlds. As a not-for-profit organization, we bring academia, industry and society together to achieve goals that no single party can achieve on its own. People with experience in health challenges are always involved in our partnerships, as they have a crucial role to play in responsible research and innovation aimed at improving their quality of life.

Partnering with Lygature means that you have access to a wealth of expertise on drug development, data management, medical technology, global public health, patient engagement, regulatory affairs and valorization. Furthermore, in all our projects we provide extensive communication, financial and legal support.

Our work is focused in the following portfolios:

  • Data InfrastructureEnabling health research through an efficient data infrastructure
  • Global Health: Finding solutions for unmet (medical) needs by finding partners, acquiring funding, and sharing risks and resources
  • Regulatory Innovation: How can we ensure an efficient and effective regulatory system that is ready for all the new technological and scientific innovations?
  • Strategic Asset Sharing: Combining proprietary resources to surpass what any individual organization can achieve.
  • Flagship Alliances: Major initiatives, like Oncode Institute and Health-RI where Lygature provides extensive support

Why Lygature?

  1. We combine in-depth scientific knowledge with program management expertise
  2. We have an extensive network in both public and private research
  3. We have a track-record of managing over 90 public-private partnerships with a total budget of EUR 600 million.
  • Creating a safe space for innovation

    We are the independent third party, the neutral enabler
  • Driving the partnership forward to deliver medical solutions

    We focus all efforts towards the success of the partnership
  • Providing specialized support for partnerships

    We make sure all partners can focus on their core activities

Read more about the Mission & Vision of Lygature or meet our team. You can also contact us to discuss how we can drive your partnership from idea to success.

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