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Vision & Mission

The Lygature vision

Solving the complex global health challenges of the 21st century requires the collaboration of academia, industry, government and society. A skilled neutral enabler, a custodian of trust, is essential for the success of large multi-stakeholder research and development partnerships to address unmet medical needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver breakthrough innovations in medical technology and drug development that address unmet medical needs by providing partnership management. We drive partnerships from idea to success by:

Creating a safe space for innovation

We are the independent third party, the neutral enabler

Driving partnerships forward to deliver medical solutions

We focus all our efforts on the success of the partnership

Providing specialized support for partnerships

We deliver dedicated communication, financial and legal support

Our Values

Why? Making a difference

Drive, Purpose and Impact. Three words to characterize the partnerships we are working in as well as our personal motivation to realize medical innovations that improve the lives of patients around the world. We are driven, we work on projects with purpose, always aiming at impact.

How? With attention for each other

Enthusiasm, Autonomy and Recognition. We help and support each other to succeed, within our work, as well as in enjoying a healthy life. We show enthusiasm when achievements are accomplished, provide autonomy in how we execute our work, and recognize each other’s contributions.

What? Collaboration

Teamwork, Professionalism and Trust. In our partnerships we achieve the best results by making people work together. As colleagues in our diverse team, we aim for the highest professional standards, giving and earning trust.

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