Lygature: partnership management for health impact

Lygature is a not-for-profit organization that drives medical innovations to address unmet medical needs worldwide. Current challenges in health care require collaboration across disciplines and stakeholder groups. Lygature provides partnership management for public-private partnerships that bring together academia, industry, and societal organizations including health foundations and patients.

As an independent third party Lygature is a proud contributor to the success of major initiatives in the Netherlands, as well as in Europe and globally. National initiatives include  Health-RI building research infrastructures including biobanks and data, Oncode Institute aiming to outsmart cancer and impacting lives, and the Regulatory Science Network Netherlands. European and global initiatives include the European Lead Factory for drug discovery, the RADAR platform for remote monitoring technologies in neurological disorders, and the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium which develops a novel treatment for children affected with the neglected disease Schistosomiasis.

Driving partnerships for the development of medical solutions for patients is our passion. The combination of both in depth scientific knowledge and our program management skills make us unique in the field. We build on more than 10 years of front running experience in public-private partnership and have a track-record of delivering success and making a real impact on global health.

We believe in the best of all worlds

We bring academia, industry and society together in public-private partnerships to achieve goals that no single party can achieve on its own. We believe each of these groups plays an essential role to accelerate medical innovation.

We believe in bringing people together

Our employees are highly skilled and experienced researchers and professionals who have worked in both academia and industry. They know how to communicate, how to convince, how to involve people and how to run projects. But most importantly, they keep everyone focused on the ultimate goal: developing medical solutions for patients.

We believe in long term relationships

Sustainable medical innovations need long-term public-private partnerships. As a not-for-profit foundation, we have the independence and financial structure to initiate and support these long-term partnerships. We can position our organization to fully serve a partnership’s ultimate goal.

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