Lygature is an independent not-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands that catalyzes the development of new medical solutions for patients by driving public-private collaboration between academia, industry, and society. We focus on solutions that involve or combine medical technology and pharmacotherapy, and increase health, wealth, and social responsibility.

The need for public-private partnerships for biomedical innovation is widely accepted, and helping them to operate successfully is a profession in its own right.

Partners should be best apart, better together – with every partner at the top of its own field, and with a combined range of expertise that spans science, product development, business development, clinical practice, manufacturing and distribution, and regulatory issues. Many of these capabilities can be found within individual organizations, but the challenge lies in making sure that they are successfully combined, and fully devoted to a partnership’s success.

Nurturing the partnership

Lygature is a managing entity that understands different partners’ interests, and which is able to steer complex interactions between many different stakeholders. We partner with commercial organizations, academia, and governments. Lygature has no direct ties to any of these – and has no other interests than the success of a partnership. All of our work is based on achieving two goals: having an impact on health and wealth in the world; and driving the success of public-private partnerships. 

The best of medicines and medical technology

The creation of Lygature from the 2015 merger of CTMM and TI Pharma also recognizes the growing interdependence of medicines and medical technology. Researchers have gained important insights into the impact of genetics, environment, and lifestyle on health and disease, and society wants novel medical solutions tailored to individual patient characteristics. Creating these requires integration of diagnostics/imaging with pharmacology – and the respective expertise of CTMM and TI Pharma in these fields gives Lygature an ability to collaborate on the most complex projects.


With a goal of supporting collaboration and helping partners to deal with complexity, Lygature works across five main themes:

Our focus is on understanding partners’ needs and interests; supporting scientific credibility; assisting translation to patient benefits; and providing the services needed to manage consortia. In short, supporting all steps along the pathway from discovery to development to launch, and beyond to sustainability. 

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