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3 secrets for a successful Public-Private Partnership

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Where do you start when you want to set up a research consortium? And, once the partnership is up and running, how do you make sure it turns into a success? These and other questions were discussed by Wim-Jan Koot, director Business Development at Lygature, during ZonMw’s personalized medicine event.

Wim-Jan started with some background on Lygature’s expertise. Lygature focuses on complex consortia. Consortia can be complex because they consist of partners who don’t normally work together. Academic, regulatory and industry organisations can have very different perspectives in the same project. Lygature also focuses on consortia that are complex because of the large number of partners, sometimes more than 30 in one project.

When it comes to choosing the partners for your consortium, Wim-Jan advised to think about the need of including not only scientific partners, but also regulatory stakeholders or patient organisations. These organisations are often not first on the list. However, when you are planning to develop a product and put it on the market at a later stage, involving these types of stakeholders as partners from the beginning will increase the likelihood of timely acceptance of the product by the relevant organisations and patients.

When you set up a consortium, it is important to acknowledge that every partner involved will have different interests. This doesn’t have to be a problem, but it is important to be transparent about it. A successful ending of a project can only be reached if all partners are transparent about their goals and interests at the beginning.

Once you have established different interests from all stakeholders, it is important to find a common goal and make sure all stakeholders align on that goal. Together, all partners will decide what the steps should be in order to reach that goal.

If you would like to know more about setting up a partnership, please contact Wim-Jan Koot.

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