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10 years ago started building the joint national infrastructure necessary to make maximal use of biosamples, images and data for health research. 

Apart from managing the program, Lygature actively facilitates the work of the Patient and Public Advisory Council (Maatschappelijke adviesraad Biobankonderzoek) for BBMRI-nl through organizing the Councils meeting, providing all secretarial services (including writing abstracts, posters or papers about the outcomes) and promoting the work of the Council.

To maximise the use of biosamples, images and data, program managers at Lygature, in collaboration with partners, have developed and are actively promoting the use of Podium - the one-stop shop that facilitates request workflows both for the researcher and the organisation providing this data.

Finally, Lygature provides support for the Helpdesk and IT services that has developed.

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