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Innovative new drug candidate against malaria discovered

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Radboudumc announced the discovery of an innovative new drug candidate against malaria. The molecule, designed to cure a skin disease, has shown particular effectiveness against malaria. A single dose appears to cure the disease completely.

This project could take off thanks to the support from Lygature’s predecessor TI Pharma, which enabled a multi-party, cross sector collaboration between many of the parties present in the current project. TI Pharma provided both financial and management support to the project and saw it growing from the hit to the early lead stage. 

Since 2016 the project is funded by the Product Development Partnership III initiative of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and is led by MMV and managed by Lygature. Since then, Lygature has helped to replace a few one-on-one collaborations with a cohesive wider network of organisations with different expertise from several sectors. 

With organisational skills combined with a profound understanding of what it takes to bring anti-infection drugs to the clinic, the project researchers have been able to focus on the science with the Lygature programme managers occasionally reminding them of the ultimate goal – to develop the best possible medicine for people suffering from malaria.  

Read the full press release here.  

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