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Lygature COVID-19 update

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Our first priorities since the COVID-19 pandemic hit have been the health and well-being of our staff, as well as business continuity for the projects and initiatives facilitated by Lygature.

Business continuity of projects and initiatives

  • We have assessed the impact on the various projects and initiatives and taken action where needed to adapt to the new circumstances. Obvious examples like various meetings (large and small) have been cancelled or postponed.
  • We have all the technologies in place to hold digital meetings, so crucial conversations between multiple people within projects can still continue.
  • Especially projects with wet-lab research or clinical trials as a core element are understandably severely affected and we are now making an inventory of the consequences to draft risk mitigation plans.
  • Within our network we are involved in various potential efforts to facilitate collaborations to find (long-term) solutions to cope with coronaviruses. A good example is the Dutch COVID-19 Research Data Support Programme, launched by Health-RI, and other initiatives are underway. Please contact us if you have suggestions or would to make use of our network.
  • It may be too early to think about now, but once the current measures are less strict and events can take place again, we feel it’s important to think carefully about which meetings and events should still be organised this year. We don’t want to create a full event calendar for the end of the year. Together, let’s make sure to flatten that curve as well.

Health & well-being of our staff

  • For the Lygature staff, as of March 12, everybody is working from home, joining our colleagues in the province of Brabant who stayed home as of March 9 already.
  • We had been preparing for the working at home scenario in the weeks before, so all processes are running smoothly.
  • Everybody is coping with the new situation, which is challenging for everybody, for example with children at home or loved ones living far away.
  • Colleagues are stepping in for each other, which means that in some cases certain tasks are executed by someone other than the person you’re used to. If this is the case for your project, you will be informed about this.

As Lygature we believe in bringing people together. This is now being limited to virtual contact. We also believe in the best of all worlds. Collaboration between public, private and societal organisations is now even more important than ever. And we believe in long term relationships. We therefore sincerely hope that you and your organisation are able to cope with the challenging times we are all facing. Let’s make the best of it, together.

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