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Lygature experts share perspective on past and present role of public-private partnerships in Frontiers of Medicine

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Dr Jon de Vlieger (Lygature’s Senior Business Developer) and Dr Remco de Vrueh (Lygature’s Senior Program Manager), together with professor Daan Crommelin (past vice-chair of the scientific advisory board of the Innovative Medicines Initiative) wrote on invitation the editorial of the scientific journal Frontiers in Medicine.

This special Research Topic edition was titled: Public-private partnerships as drivers of innovation in healthcare.

Having managed over 100 public-private partnerships with over 200 partners (combined budget >900 million Euros) since 2006, Lygature continues to share its experience and views on the impact of the public private partnership concept. The editorial describes the evolution of public-private partnerships in healthcare since the turn of the century and sketches the increasing complexity of such collaborations.

With partners outside pharma and academia now joining public-private partnerships, the dynamics and ‘culture’ within partnerships have changed. The question that remains is: where will the public-private partnership concept in the world of medicine development go from here? At Lygature we are looking forward to helping shape the research collaborations of the future.

Read the full editorial here

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