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Lygature installs Scientific Advisory Board: report on the first meeting

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In May 2017, the first meeting of the newly installed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the Lygature foundation was held. The SAB is tasked with advice on the scientific strategy for Lygature. In particular the SAB will discuss the coherence of the Lygature portfolio and provide input on the development of new public-private initiatives in the international arena, building upon the strengths of the Dutch life sciences and health sector.

Lygature is proud that five prominent scientific leaders and entrepreneurs have accepted a position in the Scientific Advisory Board. Together they span the dimensions in which Lygature is active: scientific discipline (medtech & pharma), geographic scope (national & international), organizational nature (public & private). The current SAB members are:

  • Daan Crommelin (chair), Emeritus-Professor Biopharmaceutics at Utrecht University
  • Rob Williams, PhD, Chief Drug Development Scientist at the Centre for Drug Development, Cancer Research UK
  • Matthias Gottwald, Head of R&D Policy and Networking at Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals Devision
  • Laurent Degos, MD PhD, Emeritus-Professor Hematology at University of Paris, Diderot Hopital Saint Louis, Paris, and past Vice President of the Pasteur Institute and Curie Institute
  • Sjaak Deckers, PhD, co-founder and CEO of G-Therapeutics BV

The full report on the first meeting is made public to inform Lygature stakeholders and can be found here.

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