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Lygature Scientific Advisory Board: “Lygature is all about managing complexity”

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In June 2018, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has held its second meeting to discuss the coherence of the Lygature project portfolio, discuss possibilities for cross-fertilization and identify opportunities for future public-private partnerships.

Amongst others, the meeting focused on the partnership management role in European projects, including high impact initiatives such as the European Lead Factory and Adapt-Smart, both funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. One of the conclusions by the SAB was that Lygature is all about managing complexity, by combining research and management. Looking towards the future, the possibility to strengthen the ecosystem further by grasping the opportunity of the move of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam early 2019 was discussed.

As the chair of Scientific Advisory Board, prof. D.J.A. Crommelin puts it: “The praise and constructive feedback Lygature has received from its independent Scientific Advisory Board is a conformation of the valuable role Lygature plays in the European innovation ecosystem. Lygature provides the missing link between research and management that leads to effective partnerships that deliver.”

The report of this meeting is made publicly available to inform stakeholders of the progress made in facilitating public-private partnerships with outreach in the Netherlands, in Europe and, in specific niches, on a global scale.

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