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MOMENTUM study launched: Learning from every cancer patient treated with magnetic resonance radiation therapy

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On February 4, 2019, the Multiple Outcome Evaluation of Radiotherapy Using the MR-linac (MOMENTUM) study was launched by the international MR-linac Consortium. The study represents the next step in the development of the Elekta Unity MR/RT system, a ground-breaking approach to reduce side effects when treating tumors.

It goes beyond technical innovation to build a robust body of real-world clinical evidence and insights. Information gained through the MOMENTUM study will guide the use of magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) to achieve optimum cancer patient outcomes.

Objectives of the MOMENTUM study are to aggregate routine technical patient data to mature MR-linac software algorithms to improve the Elekta Unity system; collect routine clinical data to estimate outcomes of patients treated; and to create a repository of research high-resolution images and technical data. Lygature will provide the study with partnership management support.

Download the full press release here

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