Joining efforts to bring antigen-specific therapy for multiple sclerosis to the clinic

ReSToRe aims to develop cell therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS) that specifically target the damaging auto-immune reactions that cause MS. Effective antigen-specific cell therapies will lead to fewer side effects and have the potential for sustainable disease remission. ReSToRe will conduct two single-center clinical trials in a multi-site European set-up. Coordinated patient monitoring and centralized MRI monitoring enable comparison of results between trials. Moreover, future efforts in the field of MS therapy are supported by samples stored in consented biobanks, and with consistent and accessible data collections.

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from Horizon 2020

About ReSToRe

MS is an inflammatory neurodegenerative auto-immune disease of the central nervous system. No cure is currently available. In Europe, more than 500,000 people suffer from MS. Existing therapies need to be given life-long, with the risk of side effects, some of which are life-threatening.

The ReSToRe* consortium consists of six European academic partners and two SMEs, all closely interconnected and able to perform interdisciplinary research. ReSToRe aims to improve clinical outcomes for MS, by restoring the balance between inflammation and the remaining capacity of neuronal self-renewal, using antigen-specific cell therapy. An effective therapy is sought that will lower morbidity by combining efficacy with reduced side effect occurence and less frequent hospitalizations. This will enhance patients’ quality of life and also dramatically reduce the disease’s economic burden. The multi-site European set-up of the clinical trials represents a unique model designed to accelerate validation and to enhance future comparison of efficacy of other types of antigen-specific therapies in MS.
Neuronal Self-Renewal By Antigen-Specific Tolerization In Multiple Sclerosis Reinstalling The Balance Between Inflammation And Regeneration

Enabling excellent use of data

Based on its broad experience with data management and IT infrastructure, Lygature joined the ReSToRe consortium in order to provide a secure environment for sharing information and to organize project data management. Within ReSToRe, Lygature is responsible for:

  • Coordination of data management. Together with the coordinator, Lygature will develop a Data Management Plan. This plan will outline the optimal data infrastructure within the consortium, and also for future use of the data in other MS research projects.
  • Training. Lygature will coordinate two ‘bring your own data’ workshops for consortium members. In these workshops, the focus will be on the effective utilization of the principles of FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).
  • IT infrastructure. Lygature provides its proprietary MyProjectPlaza IT platform for internal project communication. This platform is tailored towards public-private research consortia.

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