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Flagship alliances

In addition to the different portfolios and projects that we actively develop, Lygature provides partnership management services for large research consortia in the medical research space.

Along with the overall partnership management executed by our program managers, the Lygature team offers expertise in data management, open science, patient engagement, intellectual property, medical affairs, regulatory innovation, human resources, event management, communication, and finance.

Our extensive experience in coordinating and supporting research projects makes us the partner of choice when it comes to scaling up initiatives and delivering results for unmet medical needs.

With our broad range of professional services, we are proud to contribute to the long-term success of flagship projects such as:

Oncode Institute

A virtual and independent research institute bringing together excellent fundamental oncology research in The Netherlands with the goal of understanding cancer and translating research insights into clinical practice more efficiently.


A national health research infrastructure for optimal access to knowledge, tools, facilities, health data and samples.
Goal: To enable sustainable and affordable personalized medicine and health.

TI Pharma Portfolio: Completed FES Projects (Completed)

Public-private research based on unique collaboration between a total of 96 partners.
Goal: Collaborative pharmaceutical research addressing WHO Priority Medicines agenda.

CTMM portfolio (Completed)

Helping public-private partnerships to develop innovative medical technologies.
Goal: Development of medical technologies that enable the design of new and personalized treatments, with rapid translation to the patient.

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