Creating a data repository for tracking outcomes of combining imaging and treatment of common cancer types

MOMENTUM (The Multiple Outcome Evaluation of Radiotherapy Using the MR-linac) combines the forces of partners from academia and industry to develop a linked clinical and technical data repository to track the outcomes of combining imaging (magnetic resonance, MR) and treatment (radiotherapy) of common cancer types in a single machine.

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MOMENTUM will use Elekta’s Unity magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system MR-Linac, which integrates a state-of-the-art linear accelerator (to deliver radiation therapy) into a high-resolution MR device.  The MR-Linac Unity is the first of its kind that allows clinicians to see and track difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies in real-time during radiation treatment. The primary goal of the MOMENTUM Study is to create a linked clinical and technical data repository that will support optimization of Unity software and treatment paradigms and evaluate treatment outcomes in common cancer types.

Radiation therapy is essential for the treatment of many cancer types, but is also associated with severe side effects. By combining real time MR visualization with radiation therapy, the MR-linac aims to offer an optimal radiation treatment approach to improve patients’ survival, while also reducing damage to surrounding, healthy tissue. The MOMENTUM study will help to define how different types of tumours should be treated and identify which patients can benefit the most from this approach.

MOMENTUM is a cross-atlantic collaboration coordinated by UMC Utrecht, and involves partners from academia and industry in Europe, the United States and Canada. MOMENTUM involves seven world-leading oncology medical centres across Europe and North America in 2018 (two in the Netherlands, two in the United Kingdom, two in the United States and one in Canada).

Those who are interested, can download the MOMENTUM package, which includes the data dictionary, the standard operating procedures, and the clinical protocol.

Enabling unification of stakeholders

Lygature played an instrumental role in setting up the governance structure and drafting a consortium agreement that met the founding partners’ needs. Furthermore, Lygature utilizes its management capabilities to ensure that the project delivers optimal treatments for all patients. Activities include:

  • Partnership management. Lygature plays a pivotal role in amalgamating the partnership, creating one coherent research consortium. As an independent enabler, Lygature focuses entirely on making the collaboration work for the benefit of all partners, ensuring valuable output for the development of this innovative medical solution for patients.
  • Agreement support. Lygature provides support in translation of the project in clear contractual language and well-balanced rights and obligations of all partners. Lygature will monitor the continued adequacy of the agreement and guide required amendments based on the developments within the consortium.
  • Data infrastructure expertise. Lygature provides the necessary expertise needed to set up data management plans and to develop standard operating procedures to ensure smooth operation within the project.
  • Project management and monitoring. Lygature handles day-to-day operations of the MOMENTUM study, including drafting and assessing project activity reports and structuring actions. Lygature also provides the project with an ICT environment for file sharing and publication management.

MOMENTUM contributes to Lygature’s mission of accelerating the development of new medical solutions for patients. Lygature provides extensive management capabilities and expertise as a custodian of trust to move this multi-stakeholder research project forward.

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Project updates

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    MOMENTUM Newsletter: June 2020

    The latest edition of the MOMENTUM Newsletter is out. In this issue, we reflect on the success of the project in spite of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hear about a monitoring site visit of one of our Quality Assurance Officers, and we share some recent patient data.

    Follow this link to read the June issue.

  • Patient Newsletter: June 2020

    We are happy to share the first edition of the MOMENTUM Patient Newsletter, helping to keep patients informed of recent activities within the MOMENTUM study. In this issue, in addition to giving a breakdown of patient information, we hear from a clinical research coordinator at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    Follow this link to read first MOMENTUM Patient Newsletter.

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    MOMENTUM Newsletter: April 2020

    The latest edition of the MOMENTUM Newsletter is out. In this issue, we are delighted to announce that over 500 patients are now enrolled in the MOMENTUM study – a fantastic milestone to have reached in just over a year. We also provide an overview of recruitment per tumour site, share an update on the technical database, and touch on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

    Follow this link to read the April issue.