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Publication: The MOMENTUM study: An International Registry for the Evidence-Based Introduction of MR-Guided Adaptive Therapy

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Learn from every cancer patient treated with magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy. That is the primary goal of the MOMENTUM study – a cross-Atlantic, multi-partner collaboration coordinated by Lygature and the University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht.

Launched in 2019, MOMENTUM is an observational study that uses the data of enrolled patients to track the effectiveness and benefits of using this new technology. The aim is to improve tumour control, survival, and quality of life of cancer patients treated with radiation therapy.

In a paper recently published in Frontiers in Oncology, authors from 10 collaborative organisations, including Lygature, UMC Utrecht and other MOMENTUM partners, describe the aims of the study in detail and make the case for why it’s important to have a multi-institutional project focused on the implementation of new radiotherapy devices. It shows that medical centres are treating a large variety of tumours and that to make robust analyses, the pooling of data collected in a strictly standardised manner is essential, especially for small patient cohorts.

Commenting on the paper, first author, Sophie R. de Mol van Otterloo, from UMC Utrecht says: “MOMENTUM is a complex registry, integrating clinical and technical patient data. Our paper discusses how to get an international, multi-institutional radiotherapy database like MOMENTUM off the ground. It shows how issues like data protection and data sharing rules have been addressed, and how patient data is protected – a complex undertaking in itself.

“MOMENTUM was established with the primary aim of facilitating the evidence-based implementation of the Elekta MR-Linac technology. Our paper sums up what has been done to get where we are in the study and my hope is that the design of MOMENTUM will inspire future similar studies and collaborations, and perhaps act as blueprint.”

Co-author Christopher Schultz, MD, who leads the Consortium Clinical Steering Committee says: “The MR Linac Consortium was created to link academic and industrial partners to facilitate the evidence-based introduction of MR guided radiotherapy so as to optimise its use to improve patients’ survival, local and regional tumor control and quality of life. This initial report of the MOMENTUM project, generated by the MR Linac Consortium, importantly provides early treatment data but also sets a new paradigm for the introduction of such devices.”

The open access paper will be presented by de Mol van Otterloo at the upcoming American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Conference on 25-28 October.

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