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Strategic asset sharing

Combining proprietary resources to surpass what any individual organization can achieve.

In order to address growing complexity and successfully develop new solutions, stakeholders in biomedical research need each other – and each other’s proprietary resources.

An organization’s success depends on resources such as compounds, data, imaging/diagnostic technologies, or scientific expertise. However, making the most of these resources means having the vision to move beyond simply protecting them, and instead to start exploring their wider potential.

Working together with suitable partners at the early stages of technology development or drug discovery can yield results that surpass what any individual organization could achieve on its own. This is one of the most important ways in which organizations can take their own work and achievements to the next level.

Lygature helps to facilitate and safeguard the flow of competitive information between partners. Proven capabilities as an independent intermediary mean that resources can be effectively and safely shared, and more ambitious programs completed.



An international consortium that combines biomedical data from different osteoarthritis patients.
Goal: To develop a set of guidelines that allows for the selection of patient cohorts to support clinical trials for osteoarthritis.


A collaboration of academic researchers, private and public partners seeking to improve the treatment of acute stroke.
Goal: To develop innovative stroke treatments that improve patient outcomes and decrease the burden for those who survive a stroke.


A clinical trial to find a potential cure for Parkinson’s Disease.
Goal: Determining the potential effectiveness of a nicotinic receptor agonist on cognitive decline as a primary outcome measure in PD-MCI.


Collaborative research exploring the potential of digital technologies to improve the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease.
Goal: improve the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease and care for people living with Alzheimer’s.


Pan-European research on the potential of wearable devices.
Goal: Helping to prevent and treat depression, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.


A Horizon 2020-funded European consortium that aims to improve the clinical outcome of multiple sclerosis. 
Goal: To develop antigen-specific therapies for multiple sclerosis.


A consortium exploring the opportunities of moving clinical trials from the traditional clinic setting to the participant's immediate surroundings.
Goal: To develop and test remote decentralised methods to streamline data collection, participant recruitment and retention.

European Lead Factory

A pan-European drug discovery project and flagship open innovation resource.
Goal: Screening of novel drug targets against a Joint European Compound Library.

Kinetics for Drug Discovery (Completed)

A 20-partner project to enhance understanding of how potential drugs interact with targets.
Goal: Enabling scientists and drug designers to reliably predict a molecule's kinetic properties.

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